R&P: Task 5 - Script & Foley/Sound Research

Sound Reasearch
I have done my sound research and I have discovered that the best nursery rhyme for my character to sing is "ring a ring a roses". I chose this nursery rhyme because I can relate personally to this rhyme. I think it goes well with my mental health character because it gets the audience to relate to their childhood and did the problem of her mental health start when she was young?

In my film there is no spoken words this is due to the constant sound throughout and words took away from the fact that it was about mental health.this is my old script

Below is some music I composed and preformed on the guitar, originally I thought it would work with my  film idea but now it doesn't work.

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  1. In my film I do not have any words through my film, i have sound which is already pre recorded and is due to be uploaded