Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I decided to choose intrepid pictures as one of my film production companies because they have produced many thriller horror films before and their company fits well with my film. They have produced such films as the strangers and doomsday
As well as intrepid pictures I have chosen twisted pictures as it is an independent production company that mainly creates horror films which again ties in with my film. They have produced such films as SAW and the tortured

I have chosen these companies because they will be able to supply funding for my film, they are world wide company’s and the films they have produced before my film will fit into the film collection they both have, these are the companies I want to distribute my film, as I trust and they are reliable 

I think i could have done some extra research into finding the appropriote media institution to distribute my media, the two i have chosen go well with my film but maybe with some extra research i could have chosen different ones. 

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