Evaluation 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

This is Samuel Perry, he is 17 years and 9 months old, he  lives in South London.
He is a regular teenager, dresses normally, polo top and jeans. He enjoys the company of his friends and going out. He has a girlfriend and spends time with her outside of seeing her at school. He is very big into films and is usually the first one to see every film in the cinema. He is big into the gory, mysterious and spooky films such as Saw, Human Centipede and Shutter Island.  He is big into going to the cinema as many times as he can to see a film but will also buy the DVD or download the film from iTunes. He loves the genres, Thriller, Action and Horror.
Outside of films he watches a lot of programmes outside these genre, such as;
Family Guy BBC Three
Prison Break Sky 1
24 Sky 1
Touch Sky Atlantic
Friends Comedy Central
These are just a few of the different media types he watches.
I think my film will appeal to him as the types of films he repeatedly watches my film is in the genre of those. He is not the typical guy who watches Action movies but is more in the other side of films such as SAW, Human Centipede and Shutter Island.

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