Preliminary Task

This is my preliminary task video is relates directly to my film.

Untitled from stephen Dalton on Vimeo.

This is my evaluation


  1. Lesson 1 17th January 2012

    The start of our Media Project, The idea of "The Package" was created to start it.

    I will base mine on an exchange of an envelope, what is in the package will not be seen but the actors will react to the contents, the audience will not be shown the contents.

    Tomorrow 18th January 2012 will see the beggining of filming.

  2. The PACKGE - Basing my idea on the theme of Love.
    A relationship were the man dies, and her reaction

    Idea 1 - Women finds out husband is dead, meats husbands brother and recieves a package from the husband. A ring or photo still undecided

  3. I have based my idea from the following films

    The Notebook
    Dear John
    PS I Love You
    The Time Travellers Wife
    Blue Valentine

  4. Taken Music Effects from

    It is copyright a royalty free for use in my production

  5. Lesson 2 18 January 2012

    Practice Filming started for scene 1 of our preliminary task

    Took 2 hours to edit and put together film up shortly

  6. changing my idea i had to change my prelim task i will be uploading it shortly