Main Task - Film Title Sequence

11TH MARCH 2012

Here I am organising my sound so it syncs with the film.
I am playing around with the titles, seeing which is best for my film
Here I am syncing the film with the sound so it is perfect
Continuing to add more titles to my film

Here shows me exporting Salus UNFINISHED 1

Theses images are showing me working on my final task.

26TH MARCH 2012
Through editing and pick up week I have changed my final edit and it might change from here.

This is my new title introducing my films title
I have included new titles into my film this is me adding them.
Here I have added an edit to my film to make it more airy.

This is my new updated final version

Salus - Final Title from stephen Dalton on Vimeo.

This is my Final Film Title Sequence

Salus - Title Sequence (Final) from stephen Dalton on Vimeo.

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