Evaluation 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Jennie and mental patient from Shutter Island

I chose to base my character on the idea of the old lady from the film Shutter Island. I chose to use this as the old lady has a sinister silence about her which i wanted to my character to have this about her, both characters don't say anything and  I think it is a good character to relate to. This character for me was a significant bases to work from her whole persona is very hard to capture in the short time of the film I saw her in but I think that did her justice as it gets you to ask yourself what is the matter with her. This had the right effect which I wanted on my character it gets you to ask yourself what is the matter with her. The old lady didn’t just come easy to me it provided some problems on the way which is down to her clothing and age. I decided to change her clothing as they suited her exact character but I wanted a blank canvas for each viewer to paint their own perception of the film. And the age for me was just right with Jennie I preferred a young girl as it was easier to link her age with the nursery rhyme in the background.
This character really represents a lost and not media aired as such. You don’t see a lot of media attention on mental health and I wanted to veer away from the recent stereotypes of drugs, violence and misinterpretation of teenagers and show that there are people out there suffering with real problems. 

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