Evaluation 5

How did you attract/ address your audience?

I used a number of things to attract my audience.

For my the biggest thing was hooking them right at the start and I did that with a short establishing shot of my character Rebecca in the corner tucked up. This allowed viewers to start to form an opinion on her straight away.

I used the same titles to introduce myself and what I had done for the film as well as the characters. I think by using nice easy font that had a moving shadow effect really gave my film another level. Having short smooth transitions allowed me to keep the audience hooked. Only having one significantly long shot helped establish my characters completely and finalize there assumptions and make there mind up on the film.

Having the title come in the middle I think worked well for me as it is such a different unique to open and film that I have never seen it done before. Linking it to the end really makes people want to watch more and getting the viewer to relate to it was easy for me. I got there attention by using a nursery rhyme that everyone knows. Establishing that relationship right at the start really allowed me to state “it starts with your childhood” reinforcing that relationship between my film and their childhood and getting them to ask themselves what went on in their childhood that could of caused someone to kill someone or act this way. 

I think if i had not changed my final piece i could of allowed for more time planning better shots, that tell more of a story, the shots i chose however i show them are basic but i am proud  of them, looking back i think i could of gone into detail a bit more and provided shots that tolled the story easier, having a pan or wider shots could of helped me there.

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